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Windows Key Functions You Must Know

Windows Key Functions You Must Know - The Windows key is a key with the Windows logo, which is usually found on the bottom row of the keyboard. The main function of this Windows key is to bring up the start menu. In addition, the Windows key also functions as a shortcut or shortcut.

There are many Windows key shortcuts that can be used, ranging from shortcuts to open settings to shortcuts to display system information. Here are some of them.

1. Open settings

The Windows key can be used to open the Windows settings page. The trick is to press the combination 'Windows key + I'.

By using this shortcut, you can open the Windows settings page much faster than doing it manually.

2. Open file explorer

One of the Windows key shortcuts that I often use is a shortcut to open a file explorer. This shortcut is often used because the file explorer is one of the core software in the Windows operating system.

How to quickly open file explorer? You can use this shortcut by pressing the combination 'Windows key + E'.

3. Take screenshots

Windows key can also be used to take screenshots. You can capture Windows screenshots in full size.

To do so, you just need to press the combination 'Windows key + PrtSc'. You can see the screenshots in the 'Pictures -> Screenshots' folder.

4. Setting the split screen

Setting the split screen can also be done using the Windows key shortcut. To do this, select a program window, then press the combination 'Windows key + Left arrow'.

After that, the program window will fill half of your computer screen. To fill the other half of the screen, select another program window, then press the combination 'Windows key + Right arrow'.

5. Open the emoji panel

Emoji is one of the important features needed to express emotions when communicating through text messages. On mobile, the menu for accessing the emoji panel can usually be found easily at the top of the keypad.

So how do you bring up emojis on your computer? You can access the emoji panel by pressing the combination 'Windows key + Period (.)'.

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