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The Causes Of Slow Laptop And How To Fix It

The Causes Of Slow Laptop And How To Fix It - Does your laptop feel slow? If so, please read this article to the end. Of course, as laptop users, we don't want our laptop's performance to be very slow or slow.

Actually there are many things that can cause a slow laptop. Starting from software problems to hardware that can cause a slow laptop. Or maybe their laptop users are slow because they are not used to operating laptops. Hehehe, you can, boss.

Instead of discussing mostly unimportant discussions, it's better for us to go to the first way to deal with a slow laptop.

How to Overcome a Slow Laptop Easily

1. Laptop Affected by Virus

The first is viruses. Yes, the corona virus is currently taking the world by storm. Not only the corona virus that is being talked about by the public, it turns out that a virus that infects a laptop can also cause your laptop to be slow.

There are some viruses that live in memory when the laptop is first booting, there are also types of viruses that are intentionally made to fill the memory load which can ultimately slow down the performance of a laptop.

Therefore, I suggest you install an antivirus on your laptop and continue to update your antivirus because the types of viruses also continue to grow over time. Perform virus scanning regularly and continuously to detect infecting viruses and immediately carry out cleaning.

There is also one virus that is quite annoying to computer users, namely the adware virus. When you open the browser, advertisements appear immediately from sites that are not from the default browser. This indicates that your laptop has been exposed to an adware virus.

This adware virus usually appears because the laptop user originally installed a software without reading it or downloading it from an unofficial site. to overcome this virus, you can use software such as Adware Remover.

2. Clean Junk Files

There are lots of software that you can use to solve this problem. One of the most widely used cleaning software is CCleaner. You can use this software to clean unnecessary files such as cookies and temporary files, the cleaning is also considered quite good and arguably satisfying.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

With so many heavy programs that you install on a laptop, this can burden the laptop's performance and cause your laptop to be slow. Therefore, you must uninstall programs or software that are not necessary for you.

4. Clean Laptop Components

Dirt that accumulates on the inside of your laptop can cause the laptop's performance to run less well. The dust that sticks to the inside of the laptop can cause the laptop to heat up and if left unchecked, your laptop can be at risk of damage.

Also clean the laptop fan and don't forget to replace the thermal paste on the processor if it hasn't been replaced for a very long time. This is done to prevent overheating of the laptop processor.

5. Check Hard Drive Capacity

Hard disk storage that is almost full, especially on the C partition or which is made to run programs, then this is very influential in terms of the speed of the laptop.

Therefore, leave enough free space there, if your hard drive capacity is full and not properly cared for such as defragmenting and so on, then the hard drive will be at risk of experiencing bad sectors.

If bad sectors occur, your laptop may fail to boot or your data will be lost or cannot be opened. If your hard drive already has bad sectors, it's a good idea to read the article on the causes of the hard drive having bad sectors and also read the article on how to fix a bad sector hard drive.

6. Adding RAM

RAM capacity that is too small can also make your laptop feel slow. If you want your laptop's performance to be faster, add more RAM capacity.

For example, you have a laptop with only 1GB of RAM. Because you install a lot of applications, the laptop will be very slow. By adding the laptop's RAM up to 4 - 8 Giga, the laptop's performance will be faster.

7. Reinstall the Operating System (OS)

This method is done if all the above methods do not work. Re-install the operating system and backup your important data first so you don't lose it. When finished, check the performance of your laptop.

8. The Best Solution

This last solution is the best solution from the above solutions. If you have a lot of money, then buy a very quality laptop. That way, you can enjoy a new laptop that has good performance.

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