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How To Overcome A Suspicious Spouse Through WhatsApp

How To Overcome A Suspicious Spouse Through WhatsApp - Knowing the location of your partner now doesn't need to be complicated. The instant messaging application WhatsApp has provided a feature that can track the current location of the lover. There is also detailed information by displaying a map of the location.

There are at least three ways that WhatsApp users can do. Among them are through the Command Prompt which can be accessed via WhatsApp web, and can be accessed via Windows OS. The method is as follows:

Check Location Via Command Prompt

The first way, users can find out the location of a Whatsapp user with the Command Prompt feature which is operated from a computer or laptop.

The Command Prompt feature is a built-in feature that is already available on every Windows-based computer, so users don't need to download any applications if the PC uses Windows OS.

Searching the location through the Command Prompt uses the Internet Protocol (IP) Address search method or an IP address that becomes the identity of a device in its activities on the internet.

However, this method can only be done via WhatsApp Web. Here are the steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Web and search for the user you want to trace the IP address of.
  • Close all running applications, except the browser you are currently using. This is done to prevent interference during the IP search process.
  • Then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete together to open Task Manager.
  • After the Task Manager appears, press Win + R on the keyboard to run the Run function on the keyboard.
  • After the Run function appears, type Cmd then press Enter.
  • The Command Prompt window will appear. Then type netstat-an and press enter on the C:Documents and Settings Administrator option at the top of the window.
  • The IP address will appear, write down or copy the address before closing the prompt.
  • Next, open a tab on chrome and go to Then enter the IP address that you recorded or copied earlier to find out the location of the person.

Check via the latest location feature

Another easy way to check your girlfriend's location via WhatsApp is through the live location feature of the user's cell phone. This feature can notify the user's location to the desired person in real-time.

Through this feature, users can find out the latest location from 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

Direct location sharing can be done both between users and through groups. After sharing their current location, the recipient will be presented with a clickable mini map view that can be updated regularly.

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