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How To Create A Fanspage On Facebook

How To Create A Fanspage On Facebook - Create a Fanpage? The online world today cannot be separated from what is called social media. One of the biggest players, Facebook, is now starting to encourage their users to be active in creating, managing and marketing Fanspages on Facebook.

With a Facebook Page, we, whether as business owners or bloggers and actors in the digital world, can market our products more easily and more broadly, given the large number of Facebook users. This time, want to share how to create a new Facebook fan page.

How to Create a Fanspage on Facebook (Latest)

How to create a
fanpage or facebook page is easy – the difficult thing is afterwards, such as how to increase followers, increase interactions to print sales via facebook page.

1. Click on the following URL

For the first time, just open the following url to create a facebook fanpage:

We will be directed to a page like this if you haven't logged in to Facebook. If you are logged in, you will be directed to a view like this.

2. Select the type of page we want to create

Adjust the type of page that we want to create. Do we want to create a Facebook fanpage for business/brand or for community? Both of these will affect the appearance and features of the Facebook page later.

If you start in a browser that has not logged in to Facebook, then later after clicking start, you will be directed to login.

3. Fill in Fanspage Details

Fill in the name of the page that we want to create and also the category of the fanspage that we have. This category is a one or two word description of the Facebook Page that we create. For example, if you are creating a page for your business, then fill it with the business category that we are involved in, such as culinary, tourism, and others.

The next step in how to create a facebook fanpage: fill in the fanspage description ok

4. Upload Photos and Cover Fanspage

If you are ready with photos and cover photos for your Facebook Fanspage, you can directly upload them here. But if not, you can skip it and do it later.

5. Fanspage is ready to use

Now, your Fanspage is ready to use. But the advice from Tips and Tricks, yes, first run what's on the Facebook Page Tips before starting to spread your Facebook Fanspage url. Many of the instructions given by Facebook are direct.

Increase the Number of Likes & Followers

After your Facebook Page is ready, you just need to increase the number of likes and followers. Don't forget to post regularly on this FB page so that interaction is maintained. Some additional tips to increase the number of Facebook Page likes and followers:

Spread the FB Page url to your closest friends. Ask them to like and follow.

Focus on your audience – in addition to posts promoting your business. Invite the audience to interact.

Give your followers the tips and tricks your followers need. This type of content is perfect for increasing engagement.

The higher the engagement, the higher the chances of increasing the number of likes and followers.

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