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How To Clean A Computer Mouse From Dirt Properly

How To Clean A Computer Mouse From Dirt Properly - In this article, we will provide several ways to properly clean a computer mouse. Optical mouse has a light inside which is useful for detecting movement and moving the cursor on the computer.

Maybe over time the mouse that you are using starts to feel uncomfortable, because the mouse has been used for a long time and there could be a lot of dirt on the mouse.

My advice is to clean the mouse that you use at least once a month. If you rarely clean the mouse, then your mouse is at risk of experiencing problems such as stuttering, less responsive mouse, and interference when clicking.

The tools and materials you need to prepare are:

  • Soft dry cloth / tissue or cotton
  • Clean water or isopropyl alcohol (Optional)
  • Ear plugs / cotton swab
  • Toothpick
  • screwdriver
  • Clamp

How to Clean the Mouse

1. Unplug Mouse Cable From Computer

By unplugging the mouse cable from the computer, it is safer when cleaning it because there is no electric current flowing into the mouse.

2. Wipe the Mouse Body With a Soft Dry Cloth

By wiping or wiping the outside of the mouse, the dirt on the outside of the mouse will be swept away. You can also apply a little water to the cloth if the dirt on the mouse is very stubborn, but wipe the mouse again using a dry cloth again.

3. Use a toothpick to clean small gaps

Be careful when cleaning small crevices on the mouse. If you are not careful when cleaning small gaps in the mouse using a toothpick, then the risk of scratching and scuffing the mouse is quite large. If possible, cover the toothpick with a tissue to make it softer and safer.

4. Use Earplugs/Cotton

Dip the match in isopropyl alcohol. Rub on the dirty part of the mouse. Rub - rub on the parts that have stubborn dirt such as dirt.

Also wipe the optical part of the mouse very gently and carefully. This can clean the dirt particles that stick to the optics and interfere with mouse performance.

5. Allow the alcohol to dry

Usually the isopropyl alcohol will evaporate and dry in about 2 minutes. After that you can wipe again using a cloth that has been dipped in clean water, then wipe again using a dry cloth.

6. Remove the Mouse Top Case

Please remove the lid or body on the mouse using a screwdriver. This step is optional, if you feel the need to clean the inside of the mouse, then do it this way.

Clean the inside of the mouse using a cotton swab or using a soft cloth. Do it carefully.

When finished, close the top of the mouse again and also clean the mouse pad or what we usually call the mousepad. Clean the mousepad using a damp cloth. After you finish wiping with a wet cloth, then wipe again using a dry cloth.

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