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How To Backup iPhone Data If iCloud Free Is Full

How To Backup iPhone Data If iCloud Free Is Full - Backup or backing up iPhone data is one important step so that users don't lose data if one day the iPhone is lost or damaged.

Performing iPhone backups can be done by saving on other devices such as laptops or an easier way, namely by storing them in cloud storage or iCloud.

But the cloud storage that Apple provides for free is very limited, only 5GB.

To increase storage capacity, users have to pay monthly. The rate given to increase iCloud capacity is US$ 3 or Rp. 43 thousand for 200 GB and US$ 10 or around Rp. 143 thousand for 2 TB.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a free account associated with a user's Apple ID and can back up a user's iPhone.

However, iCloud doesn't back up everything on your phone. Some things you buy with your Apple ID, such as apps or music, won't be backed up because Apple can download them back for free.

Email, contacts, and calendars are usually synced with email accounts like Gmail, but in some cases, that data might also be synced to iCloud.

iCloud storage management

Sorting out important data can be done if you choose not to increase iCloud capacity.

Users can double-check the backed up data by going to Settings>Apple ID>iCloud. In that section you can see what data is backed up.

In the iCloud settings section there is also a Next Backup Size section. This section is a list where you can sort the data you want to back up.

The list will contain the apps and how much data each app should back up. The list goes from the one that takes up the most space to the one that takes up the least.

If you just need a slightly smaller backup file, uncheck the larger data item from the list if you don't mind whether it's backed up or not.

If all you want to back up is your camera roll, the only setting you'll need is the icon labeled iCloud Photos.

Besides Photos, the two biggest pieces of data that use iCloud storage are Mail and Messages. However, if you turn off iCloud backup settings for these two apps, old messages won't be able to be recovered if you use a new phone.

Delete some data

In addition to sorting synced data, users can also delete some existing iCloud data to make more space for the next backup process.

Old data such as photos, videos, and documents that are not used are some of the data options that can be deleted.

Device management

Deleting old iPhone data can also be done to reduce the density of iCloud storage space.

Apart from the iPhone, a number of other devices such as Macs and those connected to iCloud are also worth noting.

The device may be taking up more iCloud space than the iPhone is using.

If the user wants to remove the device from the list of backed up devices, the user can do so in the settings section. Here's how:

  • Go to settings
  • Choose your device name
  • Click iCloud.
  • Tap manage storage
  • Select Backup.
  • Select the device you want to back up.
  • Select "Delete Backup"
  • Turn Off & Delete.

For the record, deleted devices will not be able to use iCloud for 180 days.

Subscribe to iCloud

Good iCloud management can keep you backed up important data without having to pay more for more storage space.

However, if the user wants to increase the storage capacity, the user can subscribe by paying every month.

The rates given to increase iCloud capacity are:

- 50GB: IDR 25 thousand

- 200GB: IDR 45 thousand

- 2TB: IDR 149 thousand

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