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Easy Ways To Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing

Easy Ways To Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Knowing - There are some WhatsApp users who are annoyed with group chats. Want to go out but feel bad.

We don't need to hesitate, how to leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed by other users can be done in various steps. Check out the tips below:

1. Change and delete profile photo

The first method that is considered the easiest is to change the name and delete the profile photo on your WhatsApp account. To do so, click the options menu (three dots above) and select settings.

Then edit the profile name other than your name, then don't forget to delete the profile photo. After changing it, return to the desired group menu and exit as usual by selecting exit group.

By trying this method, no one will know that you're logged out because the notifications other members receive don't include your name.

2. Fake phone number

Faking a phone number can be a way to leave a WhatsApp group. This method can be an option if your name and profile photo are already widely known by members of the group.

You don't need to change the number permanently. The trick, keep preparing a new number temporarily. Then enter the settings menu on WhatsApp (three dots above). Then click Account or Account, and select the change number menu. After that, enter the backup's new number.

After the first step is complete, immediately leave the group you want to leave. Then on the phone settings menu, select the WhatsApp application, after that clear data and cache. Then the WA account will be lost but your name will still be on the list of group members.

Finally, reopen the WhatsApp application, continue to re-register with the old number. However, the level of complexity of this method is quite high because you need two phone numbers and many steps to successfully leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed.

3. Change the new number

How to leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed can be the next option. But the drawback. This method is not suitable if you intend to still use the old number.

However, this method is not concise, because you need to redistribute your WhatsApp number to friends and family. The history of your conversations with your contacts is also potentially lost.

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