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Do you Still Need To Warm Up The Car Engine Before Going

Do you Still Need To Warm Up The Car Engine Before Going? - One of the habits that are often carried out by car owners is to warm up the engine before starting a trip. This is done so that all components are ready to use.

Sometimes starting the engine for about three to five minutes, after which it just starts walking to its destination. So, the question is whether it still applies to the latest cars?

According to Deni Adrian, Head of the Cibinong Auto2000 Workshop, there is no need for such a production car now. The main factor is that it is equipped with advanced technology, for example Toyota has embedded an engine with variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) technology.

"That's just one of them, there are many other factors that make today's cars don't need to be heated before starting to run," said Deni when contacted by recently.

Sapta Agung Nugraha, Head of the Auto2000 Workshop in West Bekasi, also said something like that, according to him heating the car will only waste fuel oil (BBM), because the latest technology makes it easier for car owners.

According to Sapta, the current engine technology for Toyota has used a valve adjuster, functionally to hold oil from falling directly into the charter or reservoir, so that when the engine is running, the oil can immediately lubricate the engine.

"It's different from the first car, where the engine has to be warmed up so that the lubrication system is spread to all components," he said.

In fact, oil from the charter can go up to the engine faster because it has been supported by oil pump technology and now the oil has a much better visibility than the previous output.

"Now it is supported by sensors such as ambient temperature and oil temperature," said Sapta.

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