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Dangers Of Cookies And Cache, How Ho Remove Them From Android

Dangers Of Cookies And Cache, How Ho Remove Them From Android - Cookies and caches in mobile browsers pose a number of dangers if left unchecked for too long. Although the danger can be said to be minor, it is still better to clean it for safety.

Browser applications on Android phones are usually filled with data accumulated from daily usage while browsing the internet.

These data have several different functions and will usually fill the cache and cookies portion of your web browser.

While making it easier and more efficient to open a page, cookies can also be used by websites to track your browsing history.

This history tracking usually aims to serve personalized ads to users. So users will see only advertisements related to that history in any corner of the internet - for example social media, applications, games, websites.

Then the cache that is never deleted will overload the storage space on the phone, even though the cached data stored can come from sites that are never visited again.

In addition, some of their assets and possibly some tracking cookies could be there. So deleting this data can make your web browser run efficiently and ideally, and keep as few tracking cookies as possible.

Here's how to clear cookies and cache on some browsers:

Google Chrome

Google chrome is a browser application made by the technology giant Google which is also one of the most popular browsers.

Reporting from the official Google page, here's how to clear cookies and cache in Chrome:

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.
  • At the top right, select More
  • Tap History then Clear browsing data.
  • At the top, select a time range.
  • To delete everything, select All time.
  • Next to "Cookies and site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.
  • Select Clear Data.

Mozilla Firefox

Like Google Chrome, clearing cookies and cache in Firefox can be done in the app.

Here's how to clear cookies and cache in the Mozilla Firefox app:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox app on your phone
  • Select More to the right of the link column
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down and select Delete browsing data

Firefox gives users an option under the Delete browsing data menu, allowing users to delete currently open Open tabs, browsing history and site data, site permissions and even download folders along with Cookies, Images, and cached files.

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