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Causes Of Damaged And Bad Sector Laptop Hard Drives

Causes Of Damaged And Bad Sector Laptop Hard Drives - Hard drives are one of the important components that must be present on a PC or laptop computer. If this one component has a problem, it will cause problems such as not being able to boot, losing data, being stuck in the bios and so on.

Due to the existence of important data on the hard drive, it causes concern for users. I myself have bought a used hard drive online and after the hard drive arrived home, after checking it turned out to have bad sectors.

Electricity that often turns off suddenly can also cause the hard drive to be damaged. A sudden drop in or out of electricity will stop the needle from the hard drive directly, so when your computer is turned on again, the needle becomes very vulnerable to scratching the disc so that it can cause damage.

In addition to falling or dropping electricity, there are other things that can cause the hard drive to be damaged. Please read the causes - causes of a damaged hard drive or bad sectors.

1. Hard Drive Age is Old

Hard drives that are old or old, are very vulnerable to experiencing bad sectors. The age of the hard drive itself is quite varied, the length of the hard drive depends on the use of the hard drive. If the hard drive is used properly, it will also last longer.

Excessive usage factors and frequent power drops can cause the hard drive to experience bad sectors faster.

2. Bad Hard Drive Supporting Factors

The supporting factor that I mean here is the supporting components such as the power supply. If the power supply used does not have good quality or can be said to be bad, then the possibility of bad sectors on the hard disk is also getting bigger.

By using a bad power supply, it can accelerate the occurrence of hard drive damage. A power supply that flows electricity unstablely can cause bad sectors, because the hard drive is a fairly sensitive component.

3. Due to Physical Factors

Physical factors that I mean here are related to hardware or physical. For example, if the hard drive is jerked or slammed and so on.

Hard disk is one component that is very sensitive to impact. The impact experienced by the hard drive can cause damage to the components contained in the hard drive.

The lack of fastening of the bolts on the hard drive is also at risk of experiencing collisions if there is a shock in the PC casing.

4. Temperatures That Are Too Hot

Excessive heat can cause the components on the hard drive to be damaged. Under normal circumstances, the hard disk temperature when working is below 40 degrees Celsius.

Damage to the hard drive due to temperatures that are too hot usually occurs in a fairly long term.

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