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Business Opportunities For Selling Food In The Marketplace

Business Opportunities For Selling Food In The Marketplace - Marketplace is the best place to sell something online, because many people like to shop online through these applications such as shopee, tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada etc.

We can sell various kinds of products through the marketplace, one of which is very promising is selling various foods because the opportunity for repeat orders is very high.

The food market share is very wide, many people who like to snack will buy food online, when they like the food they will buy again and buy again.

Therefore, if you are looking for what kind of business you want to be in, you can try a business opportunity to sell food through the marketplace, it can be groceries, prepared food, snacks or snacks, and so on.

Food is a basic need for everyone, so it has tremendous profit potential because selling food online can reach a wider market.

The food you sell can be your own production or the production of someone else, all you have to do is post a photo and a description of the food being sold so that it attracts the attention of potential buyers to place an order.

Currently, marketplace users have reached more than 200 million users, so the opportunity to sell food is very high, food ordered can be sent directly to the buyer's address via expedition couriers such as JNE, J&T and Sicepat.

Foods that can be sold online

  • basic food
  • Ready-to-eat Processed Food
  • Various Snacks or Snacks
  • Raw material
  • Spices
  • Fresh Products
  • Instant Drink

You just have to choose which food products you can sell to the marketplace, all of which you can provide in your online store. Especially for food, make sure you already have a permit from the Ministry of Health (PIRT) and an MUI halal certificate.

Tips for Selling Food on Marketplace

You can sell ready-to-eat processed foods such as frozen food or various snacks in the marketplace. When posting on the marketplace, highlight the advantages of the product you are selling.

  • Without preservatives
  • Efficacy
  • Composition
  • No MSG

The products sold can be homemade or other people's products, you can use your own branding or use the original branding.

Make sure the product photos that you display on the product page look clear and clear, because photos have their own charm to attract the attention of potential buyers, which is then followed by a detailed description of the products being sold.

If in your area there are special foods, they can also be sold in the marketplace, because many people from outside the area want to taste the specialties of your area without having to go there, just order through shopee and you can enjoy it.

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