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Applications That Make Smartphone Batteries Wasteful

Applications That Make Smartphone Batteries Wasteful - One of the most annoying moments is when the battery icon on the cellphone has turned red, whether it's 10 percent or even less. On the other hand, you are in need of it for various purposes. For example, contacting someone, ordering an online motorcycle taxi, checking email for work, and other urgent matters.

The latest smartphones are indeed equipped with large battery capacities. But over time, his abilities will decrease. Of course, because we use it every day for hours.

Recently, a technology company called pCloud analyzed 100 applications that are widely used by the public. They want to know which applications suck up the most HP battery capacity. pCloud calls its research "Secret Phone Killers".

Want to know which apps are in the top 15? Here is the list, you must have at least one of them


is an application for reservation of hotels, trains and more. Connected with a large database, this app consumes a lot of battery power

2. YouTube.

Because it's used to access videos that are quite heavy, don't be surprised if this application drains a lot of cellphone batteries

3. Zoom.

You must have had meetings or attended online classes for hours via Zoom, right? To do so, it requires a large battery power

4. WhatsApp.

Because it always runs as a background app, the battery it consumes is also large. We also always wear it all day

5. Snapchats.

Video and image-based social media like this definitely takes a lot of energy. Good for Wi-Fi access, location, mic, to camera

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