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6 Sites To Make Android Apps For Free

6 Sites To Make Android Apps For Free - The Android platform at this time is growing very rapidly in various parts of the world, in Indonesia, most of them use smartphones with Android OS. The rapid development of Android is because this OS is very cool and easy to use.

OS that is Open Source and has been used by various brands of mobile phones that you can get at an affordable price. Of course it looks different from the iPhone and iOS which are more exclusive and only for those who have thick pockets who can buy this phone.

Its rapid development is also accompanied by the presence of application developers on the Android OS. You may also often see on the Playstore there are lots of Android applications that you can download there.

With the proliferation of Android phone users, I or you may also wish to create an Android-based application for blogs so that our loyal visitors can easily open our website without having to bother opening a browser.

Below I have summarized several sites that you can use to create cool Android applications and are very easy to make, just click - click and you are done, just download and upload the Google Play Store so that your loyal visitors can use it. the sites below can also make a variety of cool apikasi that are worth a try. please read carefully and carefully.

Free Android App Maker Site

1. AppsGeyser

Appsgeyser is a website that provides free services that can convert your services into an application. You can also make money from applications that you have created on the Appsgeyser. Making an application on this site is also very simple, I have also created a webview application here for one of my test blogs and with just a few steps the application has been completed.

Appsgeyser provides features for sharing to social media that you can use to promote the results of the applications you make there. Appsgeyser supports HTML 5 and can also display pop-up notifications for your app users.

2. Codular

Unlike the previous site, on this site you have to create an apk from scratch by drag and drop and edit one by one the appearance and pages of the Andrioid application. Kodular baked from MIT App Invertor to make coding an application easier.

Codular Advantages

Kodular has more than 200,000 active users and around 200 countries have trusted kodular to create the applications they want. There are around 465,000 more application projects, because the application creation is quite easy. Kodular is a program from ArubaCloud "We START you UP", and Kodular is their partner. ArubaCloud provides servers for Kodular to run the main Kodular infrastructure

3. AppYet

AppYet is a free site that you can use to easily create android apps for the web. AppYet also converts RSS feeds to your android apps. By using the app results from AppYet, you can also earn money through advertising. You can easily create apk for your web or blog and can be shared with your friends all over the world.

This website is also very useful for those who like new things and especially for those who love android. Of course they will try and experiment with this one service to make their various android applications without good coding knowledge.

4. Andoromo

Andoromo is one of the websites that you can use to create cool android apks for free. You can also use your android apk to promote your product or business. With Andoomo you can create applications with just a few clicks and you can also use the results of the applications you have created on Andoromo to make money through advertising.

The application you make there is also equipped with many cool features. You can also publish the android application on the playstore to increase your income there.

5. GoodBarber

GoodBarber is a site that you can use to create iOS and Android apps. GoodBarber is also rich in features which are cool and easy to use. You only need to do four steps to be able to create your android application and publish it on Playstore. GoodBarber also provides a sharing feature to social media and the apk that you create can also be advertised to make money.

6. AppyPie

Another free app building site is AppyPie. With this site you can make your website or blog into a cool android application and you only need to do 3 steps to get it. On this site you can also make several other android applications. Currently there are more than 1.3 million applications made on this AppyPie site.

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