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4 Important Gadgets To Bring On Vacation

4 Important Gadgets To Bring On Vacation - Some people welcome the New Year with a vacation, both near and far. A number of gadgets or gadgets are needed as a provision for you to have fun.

A number of gadgets are considered important to carry, if you want a well-documented vacation period.

Not only cameras, some supporting gadgets can also make your vacation documentation more, and of course better.

Here are some important gadgets to bring when you are on vacation:

1. Action Cam

Not just a cell phone camera or an ordinary digital camera. Action cams can be an important choice to take when you are on vacation.

Several seasoned brands that produce this type of camera are GoPro and Xiaomi. With a variety of specifications, these gadgets are also available in various prices.

Action cam can document the 'point of view' well. The type of ultra-wide lens that is usually owned, makes the image can be captured much wider.

The 'distortion' effect on the ultra-wide action cam lens is also a style in itself for those who like to document travel.

This becomes important to take when on vacation because of its relatively smaller size than digital cameras.

2. Gimbal/Stabilizer

A stable video would be an interesting documentation to keep, or maybe to go public.

With the presence of a gimbal or stabilizer, the movement of the images you record with the camera will be smoother. This makes video recordings more comfortable to watch.

Some popular gimbal or stabilizer gadgets include DJI, Zhiyun, and others. Those of you who only have a smartphone don't need to worry, because a number of stabilizer products are available specifically for smartphones.

Gimbal or stabilizer is an important gadget to use when you are on vacation with a variety of physical activities, lots of movement, and lots of outdoor play.

Of course, this gadget is a helping weapon for those of you who find it difficult to capture moments on video without shaking hands.

3. Portable Hard Drive

It's a shame if we can no longer document the best moments while on vacation just because your gadget's memory is no longer enough to accommodate data.

For that, bring a hard drive to transfer data, so that your recording or photographing gadget can still be used.

This is important, especially if you are traveling long distances from one place to another. The availability of memory must also be accompanied by the availability of gadget power. Don't forget to always carry a charger or charger with you.

4. Tripod

Tripod is one of the important gadgets to carry when traveling, including on vacation. Of course, as its main function, a tripod can place the camera steady without having to be held manually by humans.

A stable image is important for both photos and cameras. For that, bring a tripod that is compact but strong to support the camera gadgets that you carry.

Aside from being a stable photo and video capture function, a tripod also makes a group on vacation no need to seek help from other people to take group photos.

By placing the camera on a tripod and activating the timer mode, group photos can be done without the 'sacrifice' of your vacation group members.

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