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3 Windows Applications For Low Specs Computers

3 Windows Applications For Low Specs Computers - Every electronic device will pass the phase of expiration, and the computer is one of these devices. When your favorite computer feels outdated, your space for exploring ideas and productivity may be reduced. This can be so frustrating that the thought of 'blue-glue' comes to mind.

Before executing this idea, it's a good idea to diagnose your computer software. If you are using a Windows operating system, you can see the memory consumption of each application on the performance tab in the task manager. Who knows, the problem is not in the low specification of the device but rather the choice of installed applications is quite heavy.

So, what are the five Windows applications that don't take up much memory? let's see!

1. Microsoft Office 2007

This one office device must have been commonplace in the ears of many people, for business and academic purposes. Microsoft Office 2007 is the recommended version in terms of memory consumption and compatibility with other Office applications.

In this version, compatibility is more emphasized because each Office file has the possibility to be used together on different devices. Not to mention the types of Office are very diverse and installed on different platforms. Microsoft Office 2007 comes in Windows and MacOS operating systems, and supports other new office applications such as Libre, OpenOffice, WPS Office and many more. So, you don't have to worry about a slow computer and the risk of changing the writing format when collaborating with your colleagues!

2. Opera, a feature-rich lightweight browser

Speaking of browsers, Opera is one of the lighter Chromium-based browsers when compared to other popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Not to mention the added Ad-Free features, built-in Virtual Private Network, and cross-platform synchronization capabilities so that users can surf the internet anywhere.

With the light capacity of memory usage and the myriad of features provided, Opera is ready to support your productivity at the highest point.

3. Sumatra PDF, an alternative application for reading e-books

Usually we rely on products from Adobe to read PDF file formats, namely Adobe Reader. However, after the author found an application called Sumartra PDF, Adobe Reader lost in terms of speed and file size and memory consumption.

Sumatra PDF is an e-book reader application made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk, an employee, and open source application developer from San Diego, California. This application is based on open source alias free, lightweight, fast, has a portable installation file, and has essential editing features for PDF and eBook file formats. The interface is quite user-friendly and has a simple impression so that users who are accustomed to using Adobe Reader are easy to adapt.

For those of you who felt the previous eBook Viewer was slow, took up a lot of storage, and had a lot of features that were rarely touched, Sumatra PDF is a great screen to try!

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